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What are your music goals?

I would love to create music that represents the fusion of cultures and countries I lived in. My music is not based on the “how to go viral formula.” 

What kind of music do you enjoy creating?

The music I create is the one I like to party to myself or the one that represents my mood at the moment. The latest album is called Snow Diary based on the 5th lockdown in Toronto all while there was a crazy snowfall. In terms of the genre, I enjoy it is:  weekend club music, House-Tech, Electropop.

What are you so passionate about the music?

Music was and is my constant partner in life. It harmonizes with my emotions at the time. When I was going through the darker times – I found the calm in the music. When I am going through happy moments, music can amplify my emotion and help express how I feel. 

Who was your first music teacher?

My first music teacher was a classical opera singer, she taught me singing and music theory.

What instruments do you play?

The first instrument I learned how to play (and only) is the guitar. She is the love of my life. 

What does the name “Lost Kid” mean?

Lost Kid is a nickname I had in my childhood because I was never home, hanging outside or at house parties. Gambit is the name of my first musical underground project and how I am known. Two things came together to form my current identity. 

What is your actual music style?

My style is constantly involving just as I am as a person. I started from underground electronic music, and these days I make pop-house tech (with a lot of other styles in between).  I go with the flow and I am very open to changes.

What advice would you give to young musicians?

I think music theory is important. However, at some point, you have to infuse the theory with your own experiences and use it as self-expression. Flowing the structure is an ultimate form of mastery.

When was your last gig?

The last time I performed was on 10th December in a private birthday gathering in Toronto, Canada.

When was the first time you performed?

The first time I performed professionally was back in 2012 when I was 20, It was a small outdoor gig in Israel nature.

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